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ldl.h File Reference
#include "ac/f2c.h"
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int uldlad (doublereal *ldl, integer *nrdldl, integer *n, doublereal *x, doublereal *z, integer *nrdz, integer *nz, doublereal *y)
int ldlsol (doublereal *ldl, integer *nrdldl, doublereal *b, integer *nrdb, integer *n, integer *nvet)

Function Documentation

int ldlsol ( doublereal ldl,
integer nrdldl,
doublereal b,
integer nrdb,
integer n,
integer nvet 

Referenced by Ident::pdGetTheta().

int uldlad ( doublereal ldl,
integer nrdldl,
integer n,
doublereal x,
doublereal z,
integer nrdz,
integer nz,
doublereal y 

Referenced by Ident::Update().