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schsolman.h File Reference
#include "myassert.h"
#include "mynewmem.h"
#include "except.h"
#include "solman.h"
#include "schurmh.h"
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class  SchurSolutionManager
class  SchurSolutionManager::ErrGeneric


template<class T >
void InitializeList (T *list, integer dim, T value)


const int G_TAG = 100
const int S_TAG = 200

Function Documentation

template<class T >
void InitializeList ( T *  list,
integer  dim,

Definition at line 56 of file schsolman.h.

57 {
58  for (int i = 0; i < dim; i++) {
59  list[i] = value;
60  }
61 }

Variable Documentation

const int G_TAG = 100

Definition at line 65 of file schsolman.h.

const int S_TAG = 200

Definition at line 66 of file schsolman.h.