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SolutionManager::ScaleOpt Struct Reference

#include <solman.h>

Collaboration diagram for SolutionManager::ScaleOpt:

Public Member Functions

 ScaleOpt (ScaleWhen when=SCALEW_NEVER, ScaleAlgorithm alg=SCALEA_UNDEF, integer iMaxIter=100, doublereal dTol=sqrt(std::numeric_limits< doublereal >::epsilon()), unsigned flags=SCALEF_DEFAULT)

Public Attributes

ScaleWhen when
ScaleAlgorithm algorithm
integer iMaxIter
doublereal dTol
unsigned uFlags

Detailed Description

Definition at line 129 of file solman.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SolutionManager::ScaleOpt::ScaleOpt ( ScaleWhen  when = SCALEW_NEVER,
ScaleAlgorithm  alg = SCALEA_UNDEF,
integer  iMaxIter = 100,
doublereal  dTol = sqrt(std::numeric_limits<doublereal>::epsilon()),
unsigned  flags = SCALEF_DEFAULT 

Definition at line 130 of file solman.h.

134  :
135  when(when),
136  algorithm(alg),
138  dTol(dTol),
139  uFlags(flags)
140  {
142  }
ScaleAlgorithm algorithm
Definition: solman.h:145

Member Data Documentation

ScaleAlgorithm SolutionManager::ScaleOpt::algorithm
doublereal SolutionManager::ScaleOpt::dTol

Definition at line 147 of file solman.h.

Referenced by main(), and ReadLinSol().

integer SolutionManager::ScaleOpt::iMaxIter

Definition at line 146 of file solman.h.

Referenced by main(), and ReadLinSol().

unsigned SolutionManager::ScaleOpt::uFlags

Definition at line 148 of file solman.h.

Referenced by main(), and ReadLinSol().

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