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node.h File Reference
#include "myassert.h"
#include "output.h"
#include "withlab.h"
#include "dofown.h"
#include "simentity.h"
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class  Node
class  Node::ErrGeneric
class  ScalarNode
class  ScalarDifferentialNode
class  ScalarAlgebraicNode
class  ParameterNode
struct  NodeDof
class  Node2Scalar
struct  ScalarDof


Node::Type str2nodetype (const char *const s)


const char * psNodeNames []
const char * psReadControlNodes []
const char * psReadNodesNodes []

Function Documentation

Node::Type str2nodetype ( const char *const  s)

Definition at line 94 of file node.cc.

References Node::LASTNODETYPE, psReadNodesNodes, and Node::UNKNOWN.

Referenced by ModelNameSpace::FindFunc(), ModelNameSpace::GetFunc(), and NodePrivPlugIn::ReadSE().

95 {
96  for (int i = 0; i < Node::LASTNODETYPE; i++) {
97  if (strcasecmp(s, psReadNodesNodes[i]) == 0) {
98  return Node::Type(i);
99  }
100  }
102  return Node::UNKNOWN;
103 }
const char * psReadNodesNodes[]
Definition: enums.cc:398
Definition: node.h:71

Variable Documentation

const char* psReadControlNodes[]

Definition at line 387 of file enums.cc.

Referenced by DataManager::MakeRestart(), and DataManager::ReadControl().